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GBCA - The Place to Race since 1947

GBCA uses Wild Apricot to host its website and administer its membership information ,uses Regatta Network to manage race registration and uses Constant Contact to email newsletters and other information to members. In performing these functions for GBCA, these entities collect personal information about people who use their sites. GBCA also has a Facebook page. Wild Apricot, Regatta Network, Constant Contact and Facebook have policies with respect to the use of the information collected  from you by them when you use their services, which may be reviewed at Wild Apricot Privacy Policy, Regatta Network Privacy Policy, Constant Contact Privacy Statement, Facebook Privacy Policy.

GBCA has access to much of the personal information you provide to these sites, including your credit/debit card information, your email and physical address and your phone number. GBCA will not use this information other than in connection with its purpose as stated in its bylaws ,and will not sell or share this information with any other entities except as may be necessary to organize or manage a regatta jointly with another Organizing Authority.

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