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GBCA - The Place to Race since 1947

2018 GBCA Board of Governors

Commodore, Mike Lewis

Vice Commodore, Jimmy Peck

Past Commodore, Darin Keever

It took nearly 30 years to find sailing.  My wife gave me the slight push I needed to take ASA 101.  It was one of those things on my bucket list that had come up a few times, but I hadn't really done anything about.  After an exciting weekend of sailing, we went out and bought a 26' swing keel.  We were hooked.  We upgraded multiple times and have had many nautical adventures.   We moved to the area to be near the water, and you can find us racing or cruising nearly every weekend.   We enjoy like-minded sailors and are grateful to have found GBCA.

Rear Commodore, Amy Crowell

Fleet Captain, Scott Tuma

I was pretty much born into GBCA. My dad got involved in the early 60s. I've personally been "involved" with GBCA since 1978, at the old Yellow Clubhouse. As a small kid, I would help set up for parties, clean up afterwards, help organize the office, send out mailers, and help organize the race equipment. I have raced and run a variety of events; Regatta de Amigos (and the off year offshore events), Spring and Fall Series, Icicle, Frostbite, Wells Fargo Bank Regatta, Rebel Cup, Charge Cup, TORC, Elissa Regatta, Leukemia Cup, J-105 Fall Invitational, Galveston Bay Catamaran Championships, Redfish Reach, Texas 2-Step, Harvest Moon Regatta, Ruff Riders, Chicago-Mac, North Texas Catamaran Championships, Wurstfest, Performance Mid-Winters, Round the Island, seminars, and TGIF (Rum Races) races. I have raced on boats ranging from a Sunfish, to Nacras/Prindles/Tornados, to a Condor 40, to a Swan 54, but my passion is multihulls. My dad brought the first multihull into Galveston Bay almost 60 years ago. Since 1988, I have been organizing and running traditional (triangle windward/leeward), modern (windward/leeward), distance races, and off-the-wall fun events for a wide variety of boats and racers in Galveston Bay and along the Texas coast. In the early 2000s, I took a hiatus to raise my kids, and was able to come back with a different point of view for racing. I have an understanding of highly competitive, tight racing; but I realize that is not what maintains a club - fun events that involve family and friends do. With this POV, I am hoping to bring forward some ideas to strengthen GBCA's role in Galveston Bay as the place to race, and have fun doing it.  

Secretary, Allie Cribbs

Treasurer, Marty Pedowicz

The story begins north of I-10 during the second half of the 1900's. I learned how to sail on a Sailstar Corinthian, and to race on an Ensign.  After a much too long hiatus from sailing I returned to crew on Ananda, Leopard and Stinger. I now spend my time and disposable income on Hobgoblin and provide rail meat services and unwanted advice to On the Go Wednesday nights.

(Marty replaced Aaron Brittain as treasurer mid-year when Aaron's job moved him away from Houston.)

Governor Member, Kevin Bednar

Kevin sails with his Dad, Bee Bednar on their J105, Stinger.

Governor Member, Chris May

I grew up in Galveston, and landed in the Clear Lake area after graduating college in 1997. Always a water sports enthusiast, I was introduced to sailing soon after graduating college and have been racing ever since. I have raced both large and small boats over the years, including J22, J24, J109, J46, Peterson 38, Melges 24, Melges 32, and Ker 43. I have raced mostly in Galveston Bay and near-coastal Texas, but have also participated in various national events as well. I have a keen interest in growing racing participation in the area, and helping to develop GBCA as a key regatta provider in the region. 

I have previously served on various not-for-profit and corporate Board of Directors. I am currently a Director on the Board of the Texas Bay Area Lacrosse Association, an organization focused on growing and developing youth lacrosse in the local area.

Governor Member, Kelley Dees 

I’ve been sailing on the Bay for many years.  10 years ago, I began volunteering for GBCA Race Committee, which has led to R/C for LYC and HYC as well.  I also enjoy helping with the after race parties and serving on the Board.

Governor Member, Ron Eddleman

Governor Member, Karen Penrose

Governor Member, Brett Allred


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