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2017 GBCA Board of Governors

Commodore, Darin Keever

I didn't grow up sailing, and it wasn't until 10 years ago that I got bit.  My wife gave me the slight push I needed to take ASA 101.  It was one of those things on my bucket list that had come up a few times, but I hadn't really done anything about.  After an exciting weekend of sailing, we went out and bought a 26' swing keel.  We were hooked.  We upgraded multiple times and had many, many nautical adventures.   We moved to the area to be near the water, and you can find us racing or cruising nearly every weekend.   We enjoy like-minded sailors and are grateful to have found GBCA.

Past Commodore, Marilyn Horton

I moved to Seabrook from the Northeast in 1978 and have lived here ever since.  My boating experience began in 1979 when I traded my snow skis and snow shovel for a ski boat and water skis.  I volunteered in our community as a firefighter for 10 years and served as an Assistant Chief for one year.  I retired from the department to return to school and received my Bachelor of Science in Archaeology and Anthropology from the University of Houston Clear Lake.

My sailing experience did not really begin until 2012 when my husband and I bought a 38 foot C & C sailboat called “Firewater” and soon discovered the love of sailing.  In 2012 I became involved GBCA by volunteering to assist with the after race parties.  I have served on the Board for 2 years as Rear Commodore and am now proud to serve as Commodore.  I look forward to serving GBCA and keeping it the great organization it is.

Vice Commodore, Charles Broaddus

My first sailing experience was in 1962 in 6 man canoes with sailing rigs. I did the speedboat/water skiing thing as a young adult until getting married. Living in Killeen at the time, I bought my first sailboat, a Venture 22, in 1993, just to see if I would like sailing. I got hooked on racing, thanks in part to Jeff Jones, and went through a succession of boats. While crewing for Jeff in a NOOD race at LYC, I saw several “older” couples who were racing Catalina 22's. I told the wife we should get one, and a few weeks later purchased “Half Fast”. I raced it every chance I could at Austin Yacht Club over a ten year period, then moved to League City in 2007 when I retired. I started racing at CLRA that summer and joined GBCA soon after and got a crew position via Chris Dees on Millennium Express with John Butler. I started crewing for Bee Bednar on Stinger in 2011. My wife, Faye, and I have 4 children, 2 in the Spring area, 10 grand-kids and one great-grand-kid.

Rear Commodore, Beverly Caldwell

Fleet Captain, Emmett Dickheiser

At ten years old my father booked us on a chartered America's Cup yacht, Canada II, while on vacation in Saint Martin. I was hooked! Toward the end of high school I spent two summers in the Eastern Caribbean living aboard and SCUBA diving off of 40+ foot cruising catamarans. In 2011 I moved to Texas and really started racing. Dinghies in college never really appealed to me and I quickly found Galveston Bay and GBCA. Lately you'll find me on board Kenai, the J/44 or Gaucho, the Platu 25.


Treasurer, Aaron Brittain

The love for sun and water started at an early age. I learned to swim soon after walking due to my dad being a naval diver.

At 18 I started sailing a Hobie 16 and then a 38 ft Schooner with friends in Clear Lake and Galveston Bay for Rum Races.

With a long pause in between, it wasn’t till 2010 when a friend said they were doing Wednesday Night Races that I actively started pursuing sailboat racing.

Since then I’ve been Wednesday Night Racing, running around in the J/24 Texas Circuit, 2012 J/24 World’s in Rochester, NY, J/22 Nationals at Ft. Walton, FL and Catalina 22 Nationals (right here in our own back yard). Mid-winters, Harvest Moon and much more, all challenging and all fun.

In my book, any time on the water is a good time. Always learning, always looking for the wind. Glad to be here!!

Secretary, Bob Smith 

Born in the Chicago area, started sailing at 16 when I bought my first boat, an O’Day Widgeon, sailed all over the great lakes, crewed on several Mac race and many deliveries there, lived on Barnegat Bay in New Jersey, took my Bristol 22 all over the coast there, then moved to the Dallas area 20 years ago, having sold the Bristol because I didn’t think there would be much sailing in Texas, WRONG. Chartered in the Caribbean several times, relocated to the Clear Lake area last year, bought a 30 footer, joined GBCA when I moved to become active in the sailing here.

Member, Kevin Bednar

Kevin sails with his Dad, Bee Bednar on their J105, Stinger.

Member, Gary Thies

I started sailing in 1968 in the Navy. Moved to southeast Harris county from in 1972 and continued to sail. Joined GBCA in 1983. Became a board member in 1994. Stayed on the board to 2004, when I finally got someone to replace me. Got talked into running for the board of governor again. I also wear tye dyed shirts when I race. Life is Good ! 


Member, Kevin Hayes
Member, Ron Eddleman
Member, Walter Caldwell
Member, Bruce Martin



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