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GBCA - The Place to Race since 1947

About Membership

GBCA currently has two membership levels available.  All memberships help support club functions and after race events.

Senior membership is $150 annually.  Senior members may vote, hold office, and serve on committees.  Boat skippers who are Senior members may be awarded the series award in the Icicle and Rum Races, besides the individual race award. Senior members receive a membership card good for discounts at several of our sponsors and other businesses in our area and enjoy all the privileges of the club.

Crew membership is $75 annually.  As a crew member, you can receive the award in the individual Icicle and Rum Races but not the series award.  Crew members may serve on committees and enjoy the privileges of the club.  Crew members can not vote nor hold office, or receive the discounts from our sponsors and other businesses in our area.

For each level you can choose Manual Renewal or Automatic Renewal. If you choose Automatic Renewal, you must have a PayPal account.

Current members will be given the opportunity to change to Automatic Renewal on the renewal page. Click on Change Membership Level. DO NOT make the change until it is time to renew your membership, as this affects your renewal date and may result in extra dues fees. Don't forget to review your contact information, and update it as needed.

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