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GBCA - The Place to Race since 1947

GBCA Burgee 12"x 18"

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The official GBCA Burgee is hand made right here in Houston by Capital Flag Company. It is made of the highest quality materials and will last for years. Instantly recognizable, it features the famous four racing mainsails. Your yacht, dinghy, golf cart, keg room, wine cellar, man-cave, she-shed, mountain chalet and tiki bar absolutely need this. Fly your colors on the way out to the race course. If you're a vexillophile, you need this. Perfect for travel. Use it for a traditional burgee exchange. Mark your territory and hang it from you favorite tropical bar in an exotic (or not so exotic) land. Let your fellow members know you've visited said establishment AND won the party in GBCA style! Sales tax and delivery via UPS/USPS not included. Arrangements can also be made for pickup at the GBCA parties.
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